Diary of an occupier archived


I have reverted most of the posts here to drafts but left the retrospective up for the sake of documenting the movement that was Occupy Sydney.

In 2011 I think many of us were far more idealistic and hopeful than it is possible to be now, nearly six years further into late stage capitalism, and living in an even more dog eat dog,Australia. I would love to be part of another movement for a kinder world and I hope when that does come about, we can learn from some of the mistakes of the Occupy movement.

I’d also like to acknowledge something that has bothered me since the beginning of the movement: How can people who have suffered under various occupations (I’m talking particularly western imperialist and the ongoing occupation, abuse and subjugation of First nations peoples and their homelands here in “Australia”) feel safe within a movement called occupy? I’d like to apologise for so uncritically joining a movement with such a loaded and uninclusive name and for our ongoing occupation of your home.

Here is to the next opportunity to make the world a better place for our children, may we do better next time.