About Occupy Sydney

OCCUPY SYDNEY is a non-partisan movement inspired by Occupy Wall Street. We seek to shine a light on the issue of corporate greed and the pain and the destruction it leaves in its path. As part of a worldwide movement, we hope, and are succeeding to ignite a global discussion about where we’re at now and where we aspire to be in the future. The current economic model ISN’T WORKING. Change isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. It’s up to everyone to think globally and act locally, to get down to the local town square and demand that those changes don’t just continue to benefit a small minority of people and destroy every last plant, waterway and being, but work together to be better than that.

I am a participant of the movement in Sydney. I do not claim or seek to represent the movement as a whole through this blog, but share the knowledge and ideas that  I stumble across through the movement and through everyday life.

We are the workers; we are the indebted; we are the immigrants and the indigenous; we are the homeless; we are the students; we are the unemployed; we are the disenfranchised people of the world.
We are the 99%! We are OCCUPY SYDNEY!

If you’d like your blog/twitter/whatever added below, let me know! Also, let me know If you’d like to write an article concerning the Occupy Movement for this blog.

I can only take responsibility for my own opinions. I’ve published other people’s writings on this blog because I believe that the Occupy Movement is all about diversity and making sure that other peoples voices are heard as well as your own.

I also feel that I need to acknowledge that the word “Occupy” is problematic on this continent because the land we were occupying was already being occupied by a government (and settlers) that ignored international law and human decency in order to brutally invade this place and that government continues to treat Original people as second class citizens to this day.  We were attempting to take back public space from the authorities for (and by) the disenfranchised but in hindsight it was probably more important to protest under a decolonised name than to tie in with the global occupy movement. I don’t think I could have necessarily changed it but I should have spoken up about it.

Occupy Sydney blogs and blog posts:

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Peacock Dreams: What a difference 90 minutes makes: An Occupiers’ account of a malicious arrest.

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Occupy Sydney twitterati:

@space__cadet (me), @occupy_SYDNEY, @Iamverysmart, @sydneyhomeless, @azyh, @yuppy2501, @occupysydmedia, @occupySYDNEY, @OccupyMartinPl, @oSydBot, @telempathic, @ktoccupysyd, @chichtweets

Occupy Sydney facebook:


OOccupy Sydney with Love page

Occupy Sydney on Youtube:





Occupy Sydney Photography:

Jarek Gasiorek: Street Photographer

Glenn Lockitch: Photojournalism/Commentary/Blog

Occupy Sydney Website

OccupyTheUniverse.net is a great resource for Occupy-related information!


5 thoughts on “About Occupy Sydney

  1. Great to chat with you last night Lily. You are a very articulate representative of what u stand for. You revealed a more holistic picture of what is happening to the margenilsed. Keep that fire burning and we look forward to seeing you again.
    Job and Cristian

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